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Even though we do breed with our dogs, they are first and foremost our beloved companions and they enjoy a normal family life. Dogs are not kenneled (with the exception of bitches on heat). Adults enjoy free run of the 2 acre garden. When not supervised, puppies and adolescents are in a large grassed camp in the garden where they can safely observe the goings-on of the household without getting into trouble. We also take our dogs on regular walks down to our river. Our dogs are a part of the family and spend a great deal of their time with us - working, playing or just goofing around. The owner of Saxony Great Danes, Shannon McKay, is an accredited animal behaviour consultant (canine-1998) : ABC of SA and holds an MSc degree in animal behaviour. The mental development of puppies is thus ably addressed and puppies are well prepared for their transition into a new household from Day One. Puppies are not shielded from age-appropriate stresses and while this may seem strange, it teaches them resilience, self-control and reinforces confidence. We do not molly coddle our pups and it shows in the numerous compliments we receive on how well adjusted, outgoing and confident our puppies are. Whether our pups are destined to be showdogs or companions they receive tons of socialisation with visitors of all ages so that they are well prepared to be reliable and trustworthy companions. Matings are performed under supervision and with minimal interference. Likewise whelpings are also supervised, but we only assist when necessary as interfering with a whelping bitch does cause increased stress for the bitch. Puppies are whelped in the house and are never left unattended for the first three weeks. Our puppies are home raised and are exposed to a busy household routine. At about three weeks of age our pups have the full run of the whelping room and weather permitting they will also have brief trips outside. Our pups are given a wide variety of toys to stimulate them. From four weeks our puppies are moved to the puppy run, which is a cemented courtyard directly off the house. They are all fed from separate bowls and weighed regularly to keep track of their development and growth. Pups enjoy frequent trips into the garden and when not supervised they are in a large secure grassed camp where they can see all the goings on. They also get to meet the poultry, which is a favourite activity for the pups. Our pups will also take a number of trips in the car and a couple of social calls to the vet. Their vaccinations and microchips are given to them at home by our vet so that the pups do not associate the vet's clinic with any unpleasant experience. While we prefer for our pups to go to homes where they will be allowed indoors, we do accustom our pups to sleeping outdoors as well. Inside the evening run there is a large secure kennel filled with fresh straw. The kennel is heated by an infra red lamp in cold weather and the doorway covered by a blanket flap to keep out cold winds when required. Saxony Great Danes held the spot of top harlequin kennel in South Africa for 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008 and 2009. In 2010 we had to postpone our showing due to work and study commitments, which lasted five years! We have bred and shown multiple dogs to their champion title and have been awarded the SAGDA Dane Puppy of the Year in 2007 and 2008. Our kennel has been awarded mutiple Best Puppy In Show wins at Championship level as well as Group wins at Ch and Open level and Best In Show at Open level.
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Pups get to meet other animals at a young age thereby building good social skills Maintaining separate food bowls is challenging to say the least, but ensures that each pup receives the appropriate amount of food We frequently take the dogs into the “wild” section of the plot where they get to run, chase birds  and enjoy a swim in the river Home About us Dogs Bitches Puppies Puppy source Adopt or shop Past litters Gallery Contact
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The whelping room - Mom and pups are never left alone for the first three weeks. The room has its own private courtyard for Mom and pups when old enough About us